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Is it Possible to Unlock iPad?

unlock ipadApple iPad has just launched, so is it possible to unlock iPad?

Everyone knows that iPhone and iPod can be unlocked use YellowSn0w, Blackra1n... and so on. And it's very easy to unlocked. So what about unlock iPad?

As you know, Apple iPad is using iPhone OS, same like iPhone and iPod, so it can be easily unlocked !

So just now, you can wait for the iPad released at April 1st, and wait for anyone to unlock iPad. And what if you don't iPad, which netbook can you choose, I guess you may take a look here.

Here is the differences between jailbreak iPad and unlock iPad:
Jailbreak iPad allows you to install the 3rd party applications, customize any settings by unlocking iPad firmware.
Unlock iPad, however allows you use any carrier, any sim-card in the world that does not work with Apple.

After unlocking iPad, you can download and enjoy unlimited movies, music, games, etc. on this powerful device easily, and you can use iStonsoft iPhone Transfer to transfer files from iPhone, iPad to computer for backup.

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